Event Magic Needs Harnessing Power

What you capture at the event is all that matters. Are you doing all that is possible? Are you getting all there is to eat? Are you still hungry? Here’s the meat. Yum.

Great Job. That fact you’re reading this right now show us that your tired of not getting what should out of your event spend. Why doesn’t everyone do this? We still aren’t sure but things are a changing, we can tell you that.

“Scan that dude, wait.. did he demo?” Lead capture during any event is essential but rarely done right. Our custom solution will enable your organization to manufacture leads, capture, automate follow-up and deliver ROI metrics for all of your events. ELM integrates into your CRM or can be used stand alone to measure your return on your spend. This tool will change the game and demand accountability from your sales force.

01. The Pre-load

Whether you have a pre-show list or one that you manufactured from our Digital Marketing Systems, it’ll be in there. This process saves your sales a ton of time and insures a great conversion metric in your reporting dashboard.

02. Capture

It’s time to shift your thinking when it comes to onsite lead capture. Did he or she (him or her) just come by? Demo? Customer? Not a Customer? You get the point. Our app ensures you capture the vital information you need to drive successful follow-up campaigns and reporting. This is stuff you can look at post-show or even real time (while the boss is on the green) that will enable you to sleep at night. Or stay up if the show is bad. At least you have data now and the best part is, at least you know these leads are enrolled in a follow-up campaign.

03. Follow-up (Automation)

The days of collecting business cards at shows are long gone. We all know how expensive experience marketing can be. Nothing should slip through the cracks and our automation solution will ensure that every lead will be set into nurture tracks and digital marketing campaigns that will convert down the funnel.

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